one-first-east-cambridge1Oaktree Properties, LLC is a privately owned and operated company based in Boston, MA. The company was founded in 2012. The primary activities of the company include internal residential property acquisition and management as well as assistance to individuals and businesses interested in residential real estate activities. The properties owned by the company consist of individual luxury condominium units all located in developments in the Greater Boston area.  The company manages all the units.  In addition to internal property acquisition and management, we provide favorably positioned residential property acquisition services through partnerships with local realtors who specialize in residential real estate. As part of the process of property acquisition and management set-up, we provide educational programs related to the analysis, purchase, and management of investment properties. The educational programs include online workbooks and access to resources and contacts that make the process manageable to the new investor. The company also provides property management services to individuals and businesses that include core needs including, tenant first-contact, maintenance request fulfillment, rent collection, and tenant move-in/move-out services.


ISd4wfhbf41qh50000000000Our properties are located in centrally located areas in Boston and surrounding localities. Two clusters of properties are located in the East Cambridge area proximate to the Lechmere Green Line T-station. The properties are the OneFirst Condominium development and the Northpoint Condominium development. The area has experienced significant transformation over the past two years with new developments, finalized plans for the relocation and construction of a new T-station, and the underway construction of a new ultra-luxury apartment building across from the adjoining park to the Northpoint Condominium development. Another cluster of properties is located in the Jonathan’s Landing development near the Braintree Red Line T-station. The Jonathan’s Landing development is brand new construction and has on-premises amenities including tennis courts, pool, large common area with movie viewing area and full-kitchen. We also have properties at the MacAllen building, a full-service, luxury development in South Boston.


Our primary goal is to provide an outstanding living experience for our tenants. To that end, we manage all of our own properties and do not outsource management. Company staff are available to respond to tenant concerns through dedicated email and emergency phone support. We also provide an electronic support ticket system and a FAQ resource that are available to tenants through this website. A team of preferred service vendors are available to promptly address maintenance issue in the units.